David Sosnowski


happy doomsday
Welcome to the end of the world. One minute, people are going about their lives, and the next—not. In the wake of the inexplicable purge, only a handful of young misfits remains.

When it all went down, “Wizard of Odd” Dev Brinkman was seeking shelter from the taunts of his classmates. Goth girl Lucy Abernathy had lost her best friend and had no clue where to turn. And Twinkie-loving quarterback “Marcus” Haddad was learning why you never discuss politics and religion in polite company—or online.

As if life when you’re sixteen isn’t confusing enough, throw in the challenges of postapocalyptic subsistence, a case of survivor’s guilt turned up to seven billion, and the small task of rebuilding humankind…

No one said doomsday would be a breeze. But for Dev, Lucy, and Marcus, the greatest hope—and greatest threat—will come when they find each other.

Release date: September 1, 2018
Available now for pre-order at Amazon.com.

A wonderful, terrible new virus has come to America, creating a new race of people who look like angels but don't act like them as they earn the envy and ire of the wing-free, now known as Pedestrians.

Marty is an eighty-year-old vampire stuck in a twenty-year-old body who drinks lab-grown blood and wants to die until a little human named Isuzu Trooper Cassidy turns his world upside down.

Selected Works

"The end of the world is the weirdest time to come of age." --47North
"A witty, clever, original debut. Sosnowski writes like – well, an angel."
Kirkus Reviews
"Put Anne Rice and Mel Brooks in a blender and you'd get... Vamped."
–Mary Doria Russell

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